Team Building

Together, better. Because teamwork is an inherent practice of the human condition since the first societies were formed to achieve a common goal. And this, applied to the business sector has an infallible formula: the more members of an organization add up to a common goal, the better the results will be.

Because individual talent is essential but the result of performance is much greater when groups are integrated with a series of specific objectives.

Here lies the essence of Team Building , the construction of true equipment . This concept refers to a technique used in numerous companies and pursues the objective of promoting teamwork, as well as its motivation and cohesion.

To understand it, we must transport ourselves to 1920 and travel to England, where the psychologist Willian McDougal collects in his book " The group mind ", the importance of forming teams in groups. Some time later, Professor Elton Mayo resumed research at the Western Electric Hawthorne factory in Chicago, giving rise to the "Hawthorne effect". In his studies, he carried out an analysis on the direct relationship between productivity and working conditions. Finally, he concluded that workers valued aspects such as safety, recognition and, finally, the feeling of belonging, becoming even more relevant than the physical conditions of the work itself. These two authors discovered the importance of "making a team", and that is why the term Team Building has gained so much weight in recent times.

There are many ways to achieve this: From Outdoor Training activities to voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility actions such as organization of corporate races and championships or other weekend getaways in which work sessions are combined with more playful exercises and motivational talks.

In all of them, we find a series of benefits that help to foster the desired feeling of belonging.

On the one hand, employees create closer ties with their colleagues in a more relaxed context and even break barriers with people with whom they may have some type of conflict or disagreement. In addition they can show aspects of themselves that in the labor context they could not like: the creative capacity, the assumption of risks or team leadership skills .

They come out of the routine, live a different and enjoyable experience, and this is always motivating. In this way, they feel part of the company , improving the vision of employees about the company, in a context in which the emotional salary is increasingly valued by people.

On the other hand, the companies reinforce the bonds of union between the employees and strengthen the main factors of cohesion that the teams need: trust, communication and commitment . Through Team Building actions, the team spirit among the collaborators is promoted and they favor the exchange of information and knowledge.

In addition, these activities become an ideal occasion to transmit the values ​​and messages of the company , to awaken a positive attitude in the workers and discover in them skills and talents that until now they kept hidden.

All these benefits are fed back and directly affect the productivity rate of the company, acting in:

The improvement of the work environment , more motivating and positive.
The development of personal knowledge and skills in a context outside the work environment and the creation of closer relationships .
The creation of a teamwork culture , reinforcing the company's own business culture.

In short, three fundamental conditioning factors that allow workers to feel more committed, increase their empathy and ability to communicate, understand, cooperate and resolve conflicts, thus increasing their performance.

In the end, the corporate culture is what gives many companies the advantage over the rest of their competitors to achieve success, and this is only achieved as a team and with a strong sense of belonging.

In any competition scenario , it is always good to strengthen the spirit of your team to perform their tasks with much fervor and greater determination. There are many ways to increase the confidence of team members . Many times, promoting team spirit starts with the example anda positive attitude that inspires.

1. Gather your team and just relax. You do not necessarily have to talk about work , you have to do everyday activities. Watching a movie, eating out can strengthen your relationship and promote unity. The bond with the members of the team will raise the spirits and create a family atmosphere.

2. Remind team members how to combat bad work experiences , and what they can learn. You can quote inspiring words from athletes, thinkers or film excerpts . Encourage the team with triumphant words.

3. Invite motivators or managers who have made a successful career path in the company. Team members need models and people to admire. Allow your members to interact with them, ask questions and seek advice .

Tips and warnings

Get a group of like-minded people and get together regularly to create new ways to promote the spirit of team . Boosting team spirit can be addressed in many ways, so it is crucial to keep things fresh to avoid falling into monotonous and boring routines.

Back up your words in accordance with the actions. The people admire a leader who practices what he preaches.