Work Enrichment

Group work becomes more productive and satisfying when all of its members have adopted team spirit, this is what it is like in the Olympics.
Team spirit and Olympism, what do they have to do?

The Olympic Games , since its inception, have been an example of solidarity because its realization is only possible thanks to the efforts of dozens of nations and hundreds of individuals who give their best together for the purpose of celebrating them. After overcoming political and diplomatic tensions today almost all the countries of the world take part in them. The corresponding delegation to each one shares the responsibility and effort to represent their nation before the world and bring good results back. When this is the case, the participants are received as authentic heroes.

However, there is still a clearer and more direct expression of solidarity in the essence of sports themselves: team play . Although there are individual practices where everything depends on one person and those who helped her to train (weightlifting is one of them), there are others in which individual performance counts for an overall result (such as synchronized swimming or ice skating in couples, in the Winter Games ). There is also a group of sports whose very essence is the cooperation of the members of a team that can be numerous. The good result is only possible when these are coordinated and delivered to a common cause.

Surely you identify several of them, starting with the soccer you practice, but there are many more. The International Olympic Committee recognizes, among others, basketball (or basketball), handball, volleyball, water polo (which aims to score goals in a pool), field hockey and ice (in which two teams face each other). to make the highest number of entries), the different varieties of canoeing and rowing (in which participants struggle to move their vehicles through the water), volleyball and beach volleyball.

The number of members is variable according to the discipline. Its diversity shows us that in all spaces and circumstances there are opportunities for teamwork and the coordination of skills. A sport eliminated from the program, the "rope game", is perhaps the most visible example of the shared effort: two teams of eight people pull a rope looking to pull the opposition team to a central mark. In it it is clear that when they add their effort, eight people together have more strength than eight separate people. Beyond winning the victory, practitioners of team sports acquire solid bonds of commitment and concord.

The work environment is definitive to encourage a worker to give their best and maximize their productivity.

To achieve this, you have to apply some keys that will get your work team to increase their competitiveness and improve their productivity .

Keys to create team
This is a key key if there is a lack of confidence in the members of the team, they will hardly be willing to make decisions, make proposals and risk.

We could also consider it as vision, that is, stimulate in the team the development of observation capacity and critical spirit. Without them, it is difficult to establish an environment of continuous improvement and healthy competition.

Honesty and humility
It will make coexistence and self-evaluation among colleagues much more fruitful and will favor the development of interpersonal relationships among team members. It consists in establishing the principles to avoid the fight of egos and develop group conscience

Personal relationships are fragile and in the workplace the consequences can be harmful to common interests, therefore, the team leader must take on the role of a nexus and establish the ideal conditions for the group to develop and give the best yes .