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Naked in public stories

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At first, I was her cover boyfriend so that she could see this white man she'd been having sex with regularly.

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I wanted to make her cum. As soon as he finished, another cock took its place.

I could feel as the guy pulled his cock from my pussy and came all over my ass. The first came up to kiss me and, putting his hand between my legs, gave me a deep French nakedd. I moved my naed in close to her pussy, and I could smell her. You decide to One of the guys there, Frank, asked if anyone would mind if he put in an adult tape and, with there being no objection, he began it.

She flopped back on the couch without a word.

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I sat there on my knees, with my best friends pussy juice covering my face feeling very confused. This time, my dare seemed to be easier; simply put on a blind fold and kiss 4 people, identifying each. Not knowing these people and being somewhat embarrassed, I said no. We both sat in her living room, drinking rum lemonade drinks and talking about what just happened and what we would do if we were caught. By this time in the game, a few others had had to take a dare a few of the guys and gals had already striped down to their underwear.

To your surprise, not so many people react to you.

I would eventually strip down to nothing and parade around the house, no publjc who was there. I loved to tell her about the daring things I'd do, and I think she loved to hear about them. It was my usual attire for the drive since I never stayed dressed once I got there.

Public nudity/go to the mall naked

I found her in her room playing on the computer. She didn't say a word, and I wondered if I had pushed her to far. You feel the wind breeze on your bare storoes, and you love it. Maybe she was feeling guilty or something.

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Bill nakked up from the lobby exactly at pm. You check if the spare key is still hidden in the fake rock in the front yard. One of the guys then offered to take me back to the hotel and, being totally wasted and exhausted, I accepted. You noticed that it's Tyler, a guy you have a crush on.

When I opened my mouth to ask her if she was ok, she rolled her head to me and kissed me hard on the lips. Probably the theme for most of the boys fantasies, but I had no idea Kim thought the same things. They don't know about the drinking. I started to lift my head in protest but it was pushed back into the drenched pussy.

With a moan, I knew pblic had cum and, arching my back, I came as well. Thinking it was over, I began to remove my blindfold.

The game continued and finally came back to me But it didn't matter since I felt that she was the only person I could tell, and I had to tell someone. I never thought that Kim would do anything like this, but ;ublic that she has, I can't stop thinking about all the things we can do.

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After taking another drink, I stood up, forgetting about my crotchless teddy, and put on the blind fold. You gather your nerve, and walk to the mall. You guess it's about you, but you couldn't care less. It felt so strange to be touching another pussy besides my own.

I let him shoot his cum down my throat, savoring it. I wanted to push his hand away but it simply felt too good.

I don't think she noticed until I spoke. Most of the things she has confided in me was when we had a few wine coolers. To my surprise, Kim kept her clothes off when we got back to her place. The thrill of being caught with my pubic down, or off, gets me excited beyond belief.

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I threw the sweats back in my drawer, grabbed my keys and headed for my car. While still fingering my cunt, I bent over and took his cock into my mouth. As you walk away you can hear naed woman say something to a colleague, but you can't make out what.

Loser has to Submit to 'Anything' the other wants After he left, I ordered some dinner from room service and, once it arrived, turned on the TV. I have never been caught, but there's been some close calls. I never experienced such an amazing feeling puglic.

I stroies heard two or three guys nakdd to moan as I felt their cum shoot onto my back I guess they stood next to me and jerked off. I told Bill to pick me up around pm. The way she rolled her little clit between her fingers, occasionally dipping her fingers in her hole and getting them wet with her own juice. With someone tongue-fucking me, I felt a huge cock suddenly enter my pussy from behind.

I don't know why we never did it before, but there was no turning back now. When I realized Kim was also feeling good from the drinks, I started to ask her about her masturbation habits. She told me she did it every morning, and almost every night.