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Starcrossed 1985

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Basically he's an all American guy willing to help the girl on the run atarcrossed the name of freedom, or possibly because he fancies her, or both. Like seriously nothing.

It's one of those films that pushes all my buttons. It is essentially a bit shit, but at the same time it is ridiculously wonderful.

Highly recommended. The good guys have to eventually win.

This is a film that gives you exactly what you expect. This is only after she eats chili and watches television, waiting 'til the end to decide it's really important to teach us about her planet's advances in curing diseases and growing plants. There is romance, there is mystical bonding and I just love it all.


This is one of those movies for which I wrote fanfic before I knew about the internet or anyone else doing the same thing. Peter Kowanko He has played a lot of bad guys in his time, but I first saw him as a good guy and I've always thought he was very easy on the eyes. I have a little reporters notebook full of the sequel to this movie :. I am a big James Spader fan and have been for many, many years.

Its style and substance make up for the almost nonexistent visual effects, which consist mainly of some early CGI animation which looks like 3-D CAD drawings, standing in for the alien spaceships which are only believable as nocturnal lights, especially at the end. Meanwhile Men in Black are on their tail, but Mary discovers the joys of fantasy make-up, and Spader discovers the wonders of telepathy while he teaches Mary the fundamentals of humanity.

I guess your fondness for Spader is key to whether you'll enjoy this one. Joey and Starctossed are bound to fall in love. Unfortunately, its producers, Charles Fries Productions, cheaped out and made this a good little B-picture which is character-driven instead of effects-laden. Joey, being the upstanding guy he is, helps her and ends up on the wrong side of the bad aliens and the Feds.

Star-crossed (disambiguation)

With the mermaid. It's the 80's at it's worse and finest. I spent years trying to find this on tape after I first saw it on TV; that's how much I enjoyed it. Having just rewatched the film and dug out the fanfic I now realise I spent 198 whole thing calling Ralph, Huey, which is actually the name of one of Joey's pet fish, but never mind :.

The soundtrack score by Gil Melle is worthy of a Stracrossed release also. Was this review helpful to you? Then we have Belinda Bauer as Mary. I have so many questions about this "Spader meets Alien Woman" made for television movie Now that that's outta the way, why does this exist?

He's not complicated and drops his whole back story in one conversation, but the way Spader plays him starcrossde makes him so likeable. Ralph Summary: Joey bumps into a strange woman on the street one night as she is being chased by two goons.

Now, back to the film. And yet Was this intended to be a smash with teens?

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If you are a fan 1985 James Spader or Belinda Bauer then I am pretty sure you'll enjoy this if you ever get the chance to see it. This is a movie where the spaceship is made out of actual Neon lights, and love cures everything. Starcrossed came up with this garbage? Belinda Bauer makes a pretty good alien, and thanks to the mini-budget, what they came up with as an alien spaceship is goofy, yet fun. Turns out his intense stare is because he has incredibly bad eye sight and can't wear contacts.

Stewy Clark Johnson She's vulnerable, but strong and does rather bewildered alien very well.

Starcrossed () starring james spader on dvd

He's the hero through and through and the way he reacts to Mary's starctossed is perfect. He offers her a stafcrossed, which turns out to be the start of something that will change his life. This film was available on VHS videotape in the late s directly from Fries Entertainment, but was discontinued sometime in the early s.

However it delivers all of what it has to the best of its ability and I am never not going to be able to sit down and watch it over and over again. The plot has only one layer.

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It's not a complicated plot. James Spader is once again on form playing a sweet, nice guy who gets in over his head and yet takes it all in starcroseed stride. There is subtlety starcrossed the way she plays the character and depth that make Mary a very sympathetic role that draws the viewer into the film. Terrible music except for the lovely electronic piece that plays 1985 couple of timesterrible clothes, terrible special effects.

It also helps that 80s James starcroseed also seriously hot. He is great as Joey. As I mentioned this film hits my buttons.

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I guess Disney didn't deploy their lawyers as quickly in ? It's that whole flopping hair thing. I'm not going to lie, some of the dialogue in the film is At first he thinks Mary is a defector from the Soviet Union, but Mary is from a lot further away than that; she's from a different planet. Jeff Bloom's script, direction, with acting, characters, costumes, makeup, performances, art direction, plus edgy electronic music score by Gil Melle are first-rate. The ending is 1985 exactly starcrossed I was expecting, and I have to give it credit for going out that way.

Was this promoted heavily?