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I am a 75-yo male who should be all done with sex and interest in women's bodies, but I am not there yet. Do you need spanked.

Age: 54
Relationship Status: Newlyweds
Seeking: Search Cock
City: Kittery
Hair:Blond naturally
Relation Type: Let's End Horny Women Seeking With A Bang

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Courtesan: Title used by 'High Class' escorts to justify their higher prices and more limited range of services.

Often abbreviated to FD. Since they have almost killed this site, I am going to start releasing details on Monday August 17 of my conversation with the Google employee who told me about the penalty in secret.

COB can also refer to Cum on Body. Gusher: Another term for a squirter. DM: Direct Message. It involves the beating of a person's soles often with a paddle or escorrt.

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Fluffy: Often derogatory term to describe a punter who sees all prostitutes through rose tinted glasses, thinks she can do no jmmv, and can become too emotionally attached, in severe cases may be suffering from EAS. GFE: Girlfriend Experience - an escort experience like being with a real girlfriend.

Kara used to work the beat. Dusty Phone: Derogatory term used to describe an unpopular prostitute.

Take our quiz to get a personalized scene built just for you! Fun Bags: Comical term for breasts. FS: Full Sex.

Definition of ymmv

Yeah right. The masseuse does this on purpose but may pretend it is by accident.

Sexual lesbian contact between two or more women. It is the most popular website of its type.

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We made this quiz to provide you with your next, or first, BDSM scene based on your own tastes and desires! It means performing cunnilingus on a woman. Doxy: 1 A slang name for an escort or ynmv woman. Mainly used in America. It's worth noting some of these women are lesbians and find the thought of fucking a man disgusting.

Often used in internet forums to indicate the likelyhood of something happening is uncertain. DP: Double Penetration - when a woman has two penises inserted, one in secort anus and one in her vagina.

Deposit: Another euphemism for the prostitute's fee. BDSM activities that leaves marks e. Femdom: Female dominance or female domination.

Used in relation to BDSM activities, implying the female is dominant in that scenario. A classified advertising listings website, occasionally contains massage and escort adverts.

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Her phone is dusty due to a lack of calls for bookings. Fluffbomb: Another term for a Fluffy. It simply means the punter tried to do things the prossie was uncomfortable with such as forced bareback and while there is no excuse for such behaviour it seems to be a standard insult for any punter who leaves justified negative feedback.

Usually a woman's anus but can mean a man's as well. See this thread here. A punter's term to describe a non-prostitute woman.

Clients: A term used by prostitutes as an alternative to punter. I was about to pop over her face and she stands up last minute and I splatter her tits instead. CP: Creampie.

CC Swipes: Credit Card Swipes - Moving a hand through the crack of an arse like a credit card swiping through a machine. A-Z: A euphemistic term used by parlours and agencies to imply the prossie does anal as well as GFE and basic services.

Facesitting: Having a woman sit in your face, with or without y,mv knickers on. Donation: A euphemism for the fee or cash paid to an escort, see also Paperwork. This service is occasionally offered by escorts or Dominatrices that specialise in humiliation services.

The Gum clinic is the place to get escorrt sexual health checked. Popular in porn, but it is rare for prostitutes to offer this. While more expensive, literature says the effect lasts 24 hours rather than 4.

The term seems more popular in America. While this is generally true in most cases, a YMMV girl is someone who may have received a variety of differing reviews based on their lack of consistency.

Can also be used to represent 'your market may vary' which is more appropriate for internet deal forums and more easily translates to some, especially people foreign to the english language. Hun: It is obviously an abbreviated form of ymmvv and is a popular term of affection that prostitutes use in s, text messages and face-to-face as it's easier than remembering a name.